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Blackbird Designs

Here is a selection of the charts from Blackbird Designs that are available at Stitcher's Place.  If you are looking for a Blackbird Designs chart not shown below, please email or telephone us.

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Blackbird Designs - Thank you, Sarah Tobias, Sku:309-BBD-STobias$30.25
Blackbird Designs - Thank you, Sarah Tobias

Blackbird Designs - chart only, Thank you Sarah Tobias, Seven projects for you to stitch.

Out of stock
Blackbird Designs - Tending the Garden, Sku:310-BBD-TendingGarden$39.00
Blackbird Designs - Tending the Garden

Blackbird Designs - softcover book, Mostly Quilt Patterns and a few cross stitch designs, 10 projects

Out of stock
Blackbird - Christmas Garden, Sku:311-BBD-ChrGarden$24.00
Blackbird - Christmas Garden

Blackbird Designs - chart; Christmas Garden, Three Christmas Projects with Vintage Spirit

Out of stock
Blackbird Designs - Mother's Garden, Sku:312-BBD-MothersG$12.50
Blackbird Designs - Mother's Garden

Blackbird Designs - chart, Mother's Garden, Threads: Crescent Colours, Gentle Art

Blackbird Designs - Merry Christmas, Sku:313-BBD-MerryChr$12.50
Blackbird Designs - Merry Christmas

Blackbird Designs - chart, Merry Christmas,Threads: Gentle Art

BBD-LF-Summer, Sku:2833-BBD-LF-Summer$16.50

Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers - Summer; 2011 Series 1 of 3; Includes featured pattern plus two bonus patterns.

Out of stock
BB-LF-Autumn, Sku:2834-BB-LF-Autumn$16.50

Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers (2011) - Autumn; Feature pattern plus 2 bonus patterns. Series 2 of 3.

Out of stock
BBD-SarahsHs, Sku:2835-BBD-SarahsHs$22.00

Blackbird Designs - Sarah's House; (Loose Feathers 2012)

Out of stock
BBD-LF-MABlackb, Sku:2836-BBD-LF-MABlackb$22.00

Blackbird Designs - Mary Ann Blackburn (BB-041)

Out of stock
BBD-LF-SummersLastR, Sku:2837-BBD-LF-SummersLastR$22.00

Blackbird Designs - Loose Feathers 2012 (Third Pattern) Summer's Last Rose (BB-046)

Out of stock
BBD-FlowersofField, Sku:2838-BBD-FlowersofField$12.50

Blackbird Designs - Flowers of the Field, Stitch Count: 82 x 58 (Sewing Bag), 66 x 50 (Pin Cushion), Floss: Crescent Colours, Gentle art; Recommended Fabric: 30 ct American Chestnut

BBD-MorningStar, Sku:2839-BBD-MorningStar$12.50

Blackbird Designs - Morning Star; Stitch Count: 57 x 78; Floss - Crescent Colours; Fabric Recommended: French Vanilla by R&R Reproductions

Out of stock
BBD-MidnightWatch, Sku:2840-BBD-MidnightWatch$12.50

Blackbird Designs - Midnight Watch, Stitch Count: 123 x 219, Floss: Crescent Colours, Gentle Art, Weeks Dye Works; Recommended Fabric: 30t 18 Century Brown by R&R Reproductions

Out of stock
BBD-SnowGarden, Sku:2841-BBD-SnowGarden$12.50

Blackbird Designs - Snow Garden, Stitch Count: 75 x 85, Floss - Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works; Recommended Fabric: 30ct Creme Brulee by R&R Reproductions

Out of stock
BBD-MothersGarden, Sku:4764-BBD-MothersGarden$12.50

Blackbird Designs - Mother's Garden

BBD-Sisters, Sku:4765-BBD-Sisters$39.75

Blackbird Designs - Sisters.

Out of stock
BBD-DearFriend, Sku:4767-BBD-DearFriend$11.00

Blackbird Designs - Dear Friend

BBD-RememberMe, Sku:4768-BBD-RememberMe$11.00

Blackbird Designs - Remember Me

BBD-SpringTulips, Sku:4769-BBD-SpringTulips$11.00

Blackbird Designs - Spring Tulips

BBD-SummerIris, Sku:4770-BBD-SummerIris$9.60

Blackbird Designs - Summer Iris

BBD-DownintheValley, Sku:4771-BBD-DownintheValley$12.50

Blackbird Designs - Down in the Valley

BBD-BittersweetSept, Sku:4772-BBD-BittersweetSept$12.00

Blackbird Designs - Bittersweet September

BBD-BasketofCherries, Sku:4773-BBD-BasketofCherries$13.50

Blackbird Designs - Basket of Cherries (Garden Club Series #1)

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