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Gentle Art Threads (GAST) 3

GAST-CameoPk, Sku:1957-GAST-CameoPk$2.97

Gentle Art - Cameo Pink (0730)

GAST-CaramelCorn, Sku:1958-GAST-CaramelCorn$2.97

Gentle Art - Caramel Corn (7061)

GAST-CarriageBlk, Sku:1959-GAST-CarriageBlk$2.97

Gentle Art - Carriage Black (7095)

GAST-Carrot, Sku:1986-GAST-Carrot$2.97

Gentle Art - Carrot (7081)

GAST-Celery, Sku:1987-GAST-Celery$2.97

Gentle Art - Celery (0170)

GAST-Chalk, Sku:1988-GAST-Chalk$2.97

Gentle Art - Chalk (7054)

GAST-Chamomile, Sku:1989-GAST-Chamomile$2.97

Gentle Art - Chamomile (7016)

GAST-CherryBark, Sku:1990-GAST-CherryBark$2.97

Gentle Art - Cherry Bark (1120)

GAST-CherryWine, Sku:1991-GAST-CherryWine$2.97

Gentle Art - Cherry Wine (0330)

GAST-Chives, Sku:1992-GAST-Chives$2.97

Gentle Art - Chives (7074)

GAST-CidermillBrn, Sku:1993-GAST-CidermillBrn$2.97

Gentle Art - Cidermill Brown (7007)

GAST-Cinders, Sku:1994-GAST-Cinders$2.97

Gentle Art - Cinders (7043)

GAST-Cinnamon, Sku:1995-GAST-Cinnamon$2.97

Gentle Art - Cinnamon (0510)

GAST-Claret, Sku:1996-GAST-Claret$2.97

Gentle Art - Claret (0310)

GAST-Clover , Sku:1997-GAST-Clover $2.97

Gentle Art - Clover (0770)

GAST-Copper, Sku:1998-GAST-Copper$2.97

Gentle Art - Copper (0520)

GAST-Cornflower, Sku:1999-GAST-Cornflower$2.97

Gentle Art - Cornflower (0250)

GAST-Cornhusk, Sku:2000-GAST-Cornhusk$2.97

Gentle Art - Cornhusk (0450)

GAST-CottageBl, Sku:2001-GAST-CottageBl$2.97

Gentle Art - Cottage Blue (0291)

Out of stock
GAST-CottonCandy, Sku:2002-GAST-CottonCandy$2.97

Gentle Art - Cotton Candy (0750)

Out of stock
GAST-CountryRedwd, Sku:2003-GAST-CountryRedwd$2.97

Gentle Art - Country Redwood (0511)

Out of stock
GAST-Cranberry, Sku:2004-GAST-Cranberry$2.97

Gentle Art - Cranberry (0360)

GAST-CrystalLake, Sku:2005-GAST-CrystalLake$2.97

Gentle Art - Crystal Lake (7075)

GAST-Cucumber, Sku:2006-GAST-Cucumber$2.97

Gentle Art - Cucumber (7077)

GAST-Currant, Sku:2007-GAST-Currant$2.97

Gentle Art - Currant (0312)

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