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All Sales Final

Weeks Dye Works threads is listed below. 

For this liquidation/clearance sale, the Weeks Dye Works threads are being sold
in 3-thread bundles.  Each bundle is $9.00 .

Please do not ask for bundles to be changed.  Bundles are as stated.

Check out the great deal.

There is only 1 of each bundle.  First come, first serve.  After emailing your order, Stitcher's Place will let you know if the bundle/bundles you selected are still available.

You can also check on the availability of bundles.

If you want to check on the availability (before ordering), you can email .  Your email will normally be answered within 24 hours.

Due to the limited quantities.  Order by emailing:
Taxes and shipping will be added to the prices listed below.

Please note, regular shipping charges apply (as per Canada Post rates).

Weeks Dye Works Thread bundles:
hand dyed floss, not colour fast, 5 yard skeins
3 skeins per bundle - Each bundle $9.00
To order floss, order by bundle # and floss name
All Sales Final
(listing is in no particular order)

#38  Citronella, Cadet, Crepe Myrtle
#39  Chickpea, Citronella, Cadet

#41  Curry, Cadet, Cinnamon Toast
#42  Capri, Camellia, curry
#43  Curry, Cadet, Clam Shell
#44  Camellia (3)
#45  Dahlia (3)
#46  Daffodil, Crepe Myrtle, Cypress
#47  Citronella, Chesapeake, Caper
#48  Rum Raisin, Cherry Vanilla, Caper

#50  Cayenne, Rum Raisin, Pink Sand
#51  Pebble (2), Rum Raisin
#52  Pebble (2), rum Raisin
#53  curry, chickpea, Cappuccino

#56  Persimmon, Pepperoncini, Pecan
#57  Pecan (3)
#58  Pecan (3)
#59  Peony (2), Pecan (1)
#60  Charcoal (2), Celadon (1)
#61  Pecan (3)
#62  Pecan, Peony, Rum Raisin
#63  Skinny Dip (3)
#64  Seaweed, Mascara, Shepherd's Blue
#65  Seagull, Scuppernong, Seafoam
#66  Skinny dip, Sally's sunshine, seaweed
#67  Skinny Dip (3)

#71  Sally's Sunshine, Shepherd's Blue, Seaweed sold
#72  Seaweed (3)

#74  Stone (2), Stepping stone (1)
#75  Dried Sage, Loden, Okenofenokee
#76  Loden, Whiskey, Tobacco road

#79  Lichen, Whiskey, Honeysuckle

#82  Whiskey, Havana, hazelnut sold
#83  Juniper, Holly, Verdigris

#87  Juniper, foliage, Verdigris
#88  Sunset, Watermelon Punch, Grapefruit

#90  Havana, Hazelnut, Tobacco Road
#91  Havana (3)
#92  Goldenrod, Grapefruit, Trick or Treat
#93  Bayberry, Wasabi, Ivy

#95  Honeysuckle, Whiskey, Amber
#96  Old Glory, Buttercup, Driftwood
#97  Artichoke, Peach, Grapefruit

#99  Holly, Guacamole, Baby's Breath


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