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All Sales Final

Weeks Dye Works threads is listed below. 

For this liquidation/clearance sale, the Weeks Dye Works threads are being sold
in 3-thread bundles.  Each bundle is $9.00 .

Please do not ask for bundles to be changed.  Bundles are as stated.

Check out the great deal.

There is only 1 of each bundle.  First come, first serve.  After emailing your order, Stitcher's Place will let you know if the bundle/bundles you selected are still available.

You can also check on the availability of bundles.

If you want to check on the availability (before ordering), you can email .  Your email will normally be answered within 24 hours.

Due to the limited quantities.  Order by emailing:
Taxes and shipping will be added to the prices listed below.

Please note, regular shipping charges apply (as per Canada Post rates).

Weeks Dye Works Thread bundles:
hand dyed floss, not colour fast, 5 yard skeins
3 skeins per bundle - Each bundle $9.00
To order floss, order by bundle # and floss name
All Sales Final
(listing is in no particular order)

#101  Buttercup, Grapefruit, Tiger's eye
#102  Onyx, Loden, Moss
#103  Flatfish (3)
#104  Goldenrod, Verdigris, Dried Sage

#106  Adobe (3)
#107  Merlot, Mother's Day, Bordeaux
#108  Watermelon, Hazelnut, Baby's Breath

#110  Juniper, Whiskey, Marmalade
#111  Wasabi, Honeysuckle, Tobacco Road

#114  Fire, Galvanized, Garnet

#116  Whitewash, Baby's Breath, Daylily
#117  Molasses, Hazelnut, Havana

#122  Paris Green, Squash, Sockeye

#126  Daylily, Emerald, Swiss Chocolate
#127  Peach Fuzz, Fire, Island Breeze
#128  Whiskey, Verdigris, Wasabi
#129  Bark, Baby's Breath, Father's Day
#130  Guacamole, Monkey Grass, Bayberry

#132  Union Blue (3)

#135  White Lightning (3)

#142 Monkey Grass, Okefenokee, Guacamole

#144  Daylily, buttercup, Dried Sage
#145  Angel Hair, Fire, Emerald
#146  Guacamole, Loden, Artichoke

#148  Adobe, Daylily, Peach cobbler
#149  Onyx, Grape Vine, Swiss chocolate
#150  Autumn Leaves, Squash, Daylily
#151  Madison Rose, Island Breeze, Moonglow
#152  Busy Lizzie, Island Breeze, Buttercup
#153  Grasshopper, Bayberry, Blue Spruce
#154  Okefenokee, Monkey Grass, Moss
#155  Busy Lizzie (3)
#156  Louisianna Hot Sauce, Peach Fuzz, Grape Vine - sold
#157  Parchment, Peach Fuzz, Peach Cobbler
#158  Busy Lizzie, Berry Splash, Begonia
#159  Grape Vine, Grapefruit, Peach fuzz
#160  Parchment (3) - sold
#161  Grapevine (3) -sold
#162  Ocean, Blue Heron, blue jeans sold
#163  Parchment, Peach Cobbler, Peach Fuzz

#165  Love, Jay Bird, King Mackerel
#166  Linen, Mother's Day, Mulberry
#167  Onyx, Louisianna Hot Sauce, Lemonade
#168  Monkey Grass, Moonglow, Moss
#169  Marmalade, Love, Michael's Navy
#170  Parchment (3)
#171  Taupe, Thyme, Parchment - sold
#172  Michael's Navy
#173  Bubble Gum, Busy Lizzie, Sweetheart Rose
#174  Monkey grass, Okefenokee, Lichen
#175  Kohl, Jay bird, King mackerel sold
#176  Moss (2), Snowflake (1)
#177  Loden, Jay bird, Kohl
#178  Loden (3)
#179  Jay bird, Louisianna Hot Sauce, King Mackerel - sold


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