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Tiny Modernist

  Stitcher's Place is happy to announce that the designs from the Tiny Modernist are now available through Stitcher's Place.  Simple and fun designs.  If you are looking for a design from the Tiny Modernist not shown below, you can contact us to order the chart.

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Tiny Modernist Cities

More Tiny Modernist


TinyModernist-ChrAdventCalendar, Sku:5645-TinyModernist-ChrAdventCalendar$12.95

Tiny Modernist - Christmas Advent Calendar.

TinyModernist-ChalkboardChristmas, Sku:5646-TinyModernist-ChalkboardChristmas$12.95

Tiny Modernist - Chalkboard Christmas

TinyModernist-StuckonYou, Sku:5883-TinyModernist-StuckonYou$7.50

Tiny Modernist - Stuck on You. Stitch Count: 57w x 84h

TinyModernist-BaketheWorld, Sku:5884-TinyModernist-BaketheWorld$8.50

Tiny Modernist - Bake the World a Better Place. Stitch Count: 100w x 128h

TinyM-ModDollhChr, Sku:1724-TinyM-ModDollhChr$8.75

Tiny Modernist - Modern Dollhouse Christmas, Size: 6.5 x 7.5 inches, Fabric: 14 count Aida

TinyM-StitchersPlace, Sku:4254-TinyM-StitchersPlace$8.75

Exclusive Tiny Modernist - Stitcher's Place (chart only)

TinyM-FloralNeedle, Sku:4008-TinyM-FloralNeedle$8.50

Tiny Modernist - Floral Needle Case. Stitch Count: 39 x 49 each (front and back). Fabric: Aida 14 count or 16 count. Threads: DMC. Includes instructions to assemble the needle case.

TinyM-BlueBird, Sku:4009-TinyM-BlueBird$12.00

Tiny Modernist - Blue Bird Ornament. Stitch Count: 68 x 68. Fabric: Aida 14 count or 16 count. Threads: DMC. Includes instructions for assembling the ornament and how to make a tassel.

TinyM-WinterHouse, Sku:4012-TinyM-WinterHouse$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Winter House. Stitch Count: 61 x 95. Fabric: Aida 14 count or 16 count. Thread: DMC.

TinyM-OhCanada, Sku:4342-TinyM-OhCanada$8.50

Tiny Modernist - Oh! Canada. Chart only. Stitch Count: 109w x 125h. Fabric: White Aida. Threads: DMC

TM-ChrCuties, Sku:4631-TM-ChrCuties$12.00

Tiny Modernist - Christmas Cuties. 4 designs. Each design has a stitch count of: 43 x 60. Threads: DMC

TM-PeaceonEarth, Sku:4632-TM-PeaceonEarth$8.50

Tiny Modernist - Peace on Earth. Stitch Count: 95 x 113. Threads: DMC

TM-WinterCuties, Sku:4633-TM-WinterCuties$12.00

Tiny Modernist - Winter Cuties. 4 designs. Stitch Count: 60 x 67. Threads: DMC

TM-EasterHouse, Sku:4634-TM-EasterHouse$11.50

Tiny Modernist - Easter House. 2 designs. Threads: DMC

TM-WinterWoodland, Sku:4635-TM-WinterWoodland$12.95

Tiny Modernist - Winter Wonderland. Stitch Count: 98 x 126. Threads: DMC.

TM-KitchenGadgets, Sku:4636-TM-KitchenGadgets$12.95

Tiny Modernist - Kitchen Gadgets. Stitch Count: 56 x 146. Threads: DMC

TM-ButterflyHouse, Sku:4637-TM-ButterflyHouse$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Butterfly House. Stitch Count: 61 x 95. Threads: DMC

TM-BirdsButterflies, Sku:4638-TM-BirdsButterflies$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Birds & Butterflies. Stitch Count: 89 x 89. Threads: DMC

TM-HappyEasterTrio, Sku:4639-TM-HappyEasterTrio$15.00

Tiny Modernist - Happy Easter Trio. Threads: DMC

TM-VillageSampler, Sku:4640-TM-VillageSampler$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Village Sampler. Stitch Count: 95 x 126. Threads: DMC

TM-MyHouseisClean, Sku:4641-TM-MyHouseisClean$8.75

Tiny Modernist - My House is Clean. Stitch Count: 69 x 101. Threads: DMC

TM-HusbandHouse, Sku:4642-TM-HusbandHouse$8.75

Tiny Modernist - Husband in this House. Stitch Count: 81 x 107. Threads: DMC.

TM-JoyNeedlebook, Sku:4643-TM-JoyNeedlebook$8.00

Tiny Modernist - Joy Needlebook. Stitch Count: 57 x 96. Thread: DMC

TM-WindowGarden, Sku:4644-TM-WindowGarden$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Window Garden. Stitch Count: 100 x 80. Threads: DMC

TM-SnowmanBiscornu, Sku:4645-TM-SnowmanBiscornu$8.00

Tiny Modernist - Snowman Biscornu. Stitch Count: 78 x 78. Threads: DMC

TM-BunnyAnnounce., Sku:4646-TM-BunnyAnnounce.$8.95

Tiny Moderist - Bunny Announcement. Stitch Count: 49 x 83. Threads: DMC

TM-BunnySilh, Sku:4647-TM-BunnySilh$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Bunny Silhouette. Stitch Count: 57 x 58. Threads: DMC

TM-RetroSewingMach, Sku:4648-TM-RetroSewingMach$8.50

Tiny Modernist - Retro Sewing Machine. Stitch Count: 61 x 85. Threads: DMC

TM-HauntedHouse, Sku:4649-TM-HauntedHouse$8.95

Tiny Modernist - Haunted House. Stitch Count: 65 x 91. Threads: DMC

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